Manual Gearbox Or Automatic Gearbox

When renting or buying a car, many drivers will wonder whether to get a car with a manual or automatic transmission. Why are many questions asked when choosing a gearbox and what should be considered when choosing? Let’s start with the manual transmission.

Manual gearbox

The structure of this gearbox includes a clutch. To change the gear, you need to press the clutch pedal, change the gear and release the clutch again. In new cars, the gear changes without any problems, and the clutches work great even for inexperienced drivers. Manual gearboxes often have grooves made, so-called tracks along which the lever moves. But over time, the edges of these grooves wear away, so often worn edges can be clearly identified when buying a used car.

Over time, the reliability of the clutch deteriorates, which manifests itself as a decrease in power transmission from the engine to the transmission. If the fault is in the transmission, then it can be a big problem. It often happens that the gearbox cannot be repaired, so it is better to replace it completely. In practice, however, this rarely happens. If the problem is in the clutch, then the repair is easier and cheaper. It often happens that only the clutch disc needs to be replaced. Practice has shown that replacing clutch parts eliminates some problems, but the condition is not completely improved. Therefore, it is much better to replace some supporting parts as well. Sometimes this preventive replacement can cost a lot.


Advantages and disadvantages

However, with all that, manual transmissions transmit the full power of the engine to the wheels, which cannot be said for all automatic transmissions. After all, it turns out that manual transmissions are cheaper to maintain, and it often happens that such transmissions are very long-lasting. However, when buying a used car, be very careful. Sometimes it is difficult to determine that something is wrong with the transmission or clutch, but you can complain later. Another disadvantage of the manual transmission is driving off-road. When driving on rough roads or off-paved roads, drivers may feel uncomfortable. They often find themselves in a situation where they have to pay attention to a lot of things that they do not encounter in regular driving. If you are a novice driver, then everything can seem very difficult. This can add extra nervousness. Therefore, problematic situations should be avoided.

An additional advantage of manual transmissions is shown on slippery surfaces, such as snow or ice on the road. In these situations, it is often better to have a manual transmission, because it is easier to control wheel slippage, especially when starting the vehicle. Another case is vehicle towing. If you are not an experienced driver, we do not recommend towing another vehicle if you have an automatic transmission.

Automatic gearbox

Now look at the advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission. Many say you should just sit back and drive in automatic mode. Most often, you will drive like this: you sit down, press the brake pedal, move the gear lever to position “D”, release the brake pedal and drive.

The use of automatic transmissions is very convenient for driving in the city. Women of the fairer sex and very young drivers especially like to use it. It is also suitable for uneven roads. There’s no need to keep pressing the clutch to negotiate the next bump or incline. Lightly push the brake pedal and the car drives slowly forward.

As for the disadvantages of automated transmission, the most often mentioned is expensive maintenance. The automatic transmission cannot be repaired, it must be completely replaced. However, replacement is not cheap. Sometimes it is better to buy another (used) car than to change the old gearbox. It should be noted here that changing the classic gearbox is not cheap either. Often the parts, and if we also add the “hands” for repairing a classic gearbox, are as expensive as if you were doing an “overhaul” of the engine.


Maintenance is essential

This is a very important thing that beginners (and those with a little more experience) often forget, and sometimes try to ignore. The condition of the gearbox must be continuously monitored. Check the oil level. Change the oil in the gearbox regularly. Do not attempt to tow other vehicles if you are inexperienced. Be careful when driving in snow, water or mud. Check the tires that protect the gearbox. Go to the services regularly.

By considering all the arguments “for” and “against”, you can decide which gearbox suits you best. All the flaws that automatic transmissions once had are slowly disappearing. More comfortable driving in recent years is often associated with automatic vehicles. If you are in doubt, we will be happy to help you. Renting an automatic vehicle is not more expensive than a vehicle with a manual transmission. Automatic vehicles are often more comfortable and better equipped. That is why we have a large selection of automatic vehicles in our fleet.


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