How to get to Durres, the Albanian coast?

Perhaps you have decided to spend your annual vacation on the Albanian coast, so you want to know the easiest way to get to Durres by car? Driving by bus is good on the one hand, since you don’t have to think and someone else drives you, while the car gives comfort, the ability not to adapt to any group you travel with, but to leave when you want and stop to rest when you want. . But, in order to put that intention into action, you need to know which way to get to Durres.
There are several ways, one of them is to drive through North Macedonia, you will also pass through Skopje, so it is not bad to take a break there and get to know the capital of the former Yugoslav republic. Macedonians are a very pleasant, warm and cordial people, so you will be very pleasantly surprised.


Another way to get to Durrës is through Čačak and Zlatibor, by highway, then through Montenegro and several places in that country, and you will enter the territory of Albania at Shkoder. If you were to ask us which way is the fastest and safest, then we would definitely say that it is through Skopje and North Macedonia. In the same way, we should take into account how much time we will spend on the road, so choose the road that is the fastest. And that requirement can be fulfilled by the road through Macedonia, since it is driven on a highway, where you develop a high speed and it is quite long.
In short, it would look like this – from Belgrade you drive straight to Skopje, and then from Skopje you continue on the highway to Tetovo and Ohrid, and then you cross into the territory of Albania at the Kjafasan border crossing.
This is a highway. When driving this way, it is recommended to take a break to visit the beautiful Ohrid, and enjoy the charms of this lake. Macedonians themselves often come to Ohrid and are delighted again and again, and then imagine yourself, if you have never visited that lake. A break from the road is always good, and you can try some Macedonian specialties and even spend the night in this territory, to regain strength and energy to continue driving.

Ohridsko jezero

Drivers who have already reached the Albanian coast via North Macedonia emphasize that the journey is not too difficult, because a lot of driving is done by car. Likewise, it is not uncommon to stay in Ohrid for a couple of days, and not just to spend the night. The point is that you can really get to Ohrid from Belgrade without any major problems, so that is a mitigating circumstance.

Another way to get to Durrës is via Čačak and Zlatibor, and to Montenegro via Bijelo Polje, Kolašin and Podgorica. At Shkoder, you enter Albania. This road is really too long, with a lot of curves, especially after Zlatibor and through Montenegro, so you will need a break.
The question arises, where to rest? It might be too early in Zlatibor, because you won’t be tired yet, so it might be ideal before entering Montenegro, or in Montenegro itself.
Durrës is a place that is a big tourist attraction in Albania, so it is really worth visiting this place and enjoying everything that it can give you as a tourist.


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