How to get to Zlatibor by highway?

The hot summer weather is coming, so many will seek refuge in one of the mountains, because it is always pleasantly fresh and even a bit cool there, especially at night.

If you’re going with your own vehicle, or you’re going to rent a car but you’ll be the driver, then you’re definitely interested, at least as an orientation, in how to get to Zlatibor and that by a new route. This text will talk about exactly that.

The big advantage is that you can get to Zlatibor in about two and a half hours, if there are no crowds. From the capital, through Šumadija, all the way to the Raška region, Corridor 11 is a highway that connects Serbia from within. So, you are going along Miloš Veliki road, so the key section to enter it is the bypass around Belgrade. After the Dobanova interchange, if you are coming from the direction of Novi Sad, you will drive seven kilometers to the new exit. Many people come from the direction of central Belgrade and then you have to go to the Ostružnički bridge, then north and then turn off. The same applies if you come from somewhere in the south. You will reach a roundabout, and there you should turn towards Čačak, i.e. towards Zlatibor. The highway starts with the bypass around Belgrade and continues to Preljina, which is located right next to Čačak. After that, the main road awaits you, as well as the ring road around the town of Čačak and then you continue driving in the direction of Užice and Požega. When you get to Užice, then the climb starts towards Zlatibor itself, and there are two carriageways. One is for the ascent, and the other is for the return from the mountain. When it’s the season, it usually happens that there is a crowd from Čačak to Zlatibor, however, that should be solved by widening the highway, because that’s how it’s planned.

Zlatibor tourist destination

Zlatibor is a mountain that is called the beauty of Serbia, and it is crowded both in summer and in winter, so there is no specific season.

There are tourists from Serbia and all over the world, and some of the attractions of Zlatibor are the Stopića cave , which is located in the northeast of the mountain. Zlatibor has many parts that really impress, such as the entrance itself, the waterfall they call the Source of Life, the Museum of the old village of Sirogojno. It is characteristic of Sigorojna that it is twenty-six kilometers from the center of Zlatibor and that it is the only open-air museum in all of Serbia. It is very interesting to get to know the culture of housing that was present a hundred years ago in the museum. Take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the specialties of Zlatibor, and spend the night in old-fashioned inns, which is a truly wonderful experience… Fourteen kilometers from the center of Zlatibor there is El Paso City, and it is a theme park, located in nature, between pastures and pine forests… Many people want to visit the monasteries that are located near some place, and when it comes to Zlatibor, they are waiting for you Uvac and Dubrava. You can reach all these places by bus, but it is certainly much more comfortable to drive your own or a rented car. You don’t have to think about when you should leave or come back, you simply adjust everything to yourself. The bus is the least comfortable means of transport, which, despite the air conditioning, does not provide enough comfort that we expect.

Relax in the car and discover the charms of Zlatibor, which you will always remember.


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