Winter Tires Yes or No?

Winter tires should be a must in the colder seasons, but many drivers keep their summer tires year-round. As “Autocar” writes, attitudes about the usefulness of winter tires are changing in the world, so they are more and more in demand on the market. In the NEVIAN rent a car Belgrade agency blog, we convey some interesting opinions on why winter tires are needed.


Winter tires were and remain current

One thing we’ve all known since childhood about the changing of the seasons is that they are a seasonal phenomenon that we adapt to as best we can. This means that winter tires will continue to be an unavoidable topic before every winter period, and the purchase of winter tires will be the main concern of conscientious drivers every next season.

Nevertheless, regardless of all that, every time the question becomes relevant again, are winter tires really necessary? And are they worth all the costs that come with them? Opponents of winter tires wonder if winter tires are really more useful than summer tires when the roads turn to frozen slush?

“Autocar” writes that until recently, a large part of their team was skeptical of the mere mention of winter tires. They tended to believe that car and tire manufacturers were trying to force something on consumers that we didn’t need. However, when they got the chance to test some winter tires, their opinions changed.

How useful are winter tires really?

This was followed by tests in which winter tires were checked in certain (winter) conditions and on various vehicles. In this regard, we share some of their experiences and observations:

  • The car with winter tires immediately behaved differently when driving.
  • It was much more comfortable to drive on a flat road.
  • The whole car behaved as if it had suddenly been released from all restraints.
  • While it was snowing, with winter tires you could stop, steer or accelerate anywhere.
  • The car behaved as if the roads were only slightly wet and not covered with snow.

What is the point of investing in winter tires?

Let’s try to look at it this way:

Imagine when the roads are covered with snow and the vehicles stop in an endless column, how many unforeseen and sudden expenses will arise then? Imagine how much better it would be if the vehicles continued to move normally as if nothing happened at all?

The difference in experience after every idea is the difference that winter tires can make when you have them at the right time in the right place! If this is how we look at the issue of purchasing winter tires, then it will not be so difficult for us to replace summer tires with winter tires.

Can we drive a car with winter tires in summer?

We can, but it is much better to put them away over the summer and save them for the winter. Otherwise, without any real need, it will wear out quickly.

What are the advantages of winter tires on snow compared to summer tires?

On rear-wheel drive cars, winter tires drastically improve all winter driving performance. The biggest differences are certainly in braking and traction, more than 50% in favor of winter tires.

Do I need winter tires on front wheel drive?

Yes, although the improvements aren’t as great as they are on rear-wheel drive. However, winter tires are also useful on non-drive front wheels, especially for better braking on slippery roads.


Are winter tires suitable for driving in the rain?

Yes, winter tires significantly improve braking, traction and handling of the car at any temperature below 5° C, even on dry roads, and on wet roads, at low temperatures the difference is more than obvious.
Source: winter tire tips

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