What is the easiest way to get to Hanioti / Halkidiki from Belgrade?

Greece is a country that our tourists flock to every year, and it is almost an unavoidable destination.

Riding the bus is not very comfortable, because the journey is long, and sitting is extremely tiring, especially when you consider that many people have problems with their spine and buttocks, for example. Because of all this, driving a car provides much greater comfort, because you can stop whenever you want, stretch and rest, and then continue on to your desired destination.

The road from Belgrade to Hanioti is 741 kilometers long. To enter Greece you need a voucher and confirmation that you have a reservation and this applies if you are traveling outside of a group. When you travel by car, you must have international travel health insurance, a traffic permit, a green card, and this document is mandatory for entering the territory of North Macedonia, and you will need authorization if you are driving a car that is not yours. Traveling from Serbia to Greece is very simple, because you drive on the road all the time. That is, through the whole of Serbia, all the way to Preševo. If you are traveling from Vojvodina, for example, ELP is a gas station where you can take a break, and the good points are that it is open 24 hours a day, has all types of fuel and accepts all cards. A shop, a large parking lot and a restaurant are just some of the advantages. Traveling you will reach Nis, and you should keep in mind that after this town there is no rest area or parking, so it is a good idea to stop by the Predejane motel. When you leave Serbia and enter Macedonia, be prepared for big crowds, at least during July and August, since everyone is traveling to Greece. You pass the exit for Gevgelija, and you will find yourself right in front of the border, and you will spend a total of 180 kilometers in North Macedonia. Next is the Bogorodica border crossing. You are now at the entrance to the Republic of Greece, so you will soon pass through the industrial zone of Thessaloniki, and you need to follow the signs for Halkidiki. You will soon come to a junction where you will turn off for Halkidiki, so follow the signs for Kassandra. You will pass the turnoff for Nea Mudania and pay attention there, because the road narrows to just one single lane. You reach Nea Potidea, and there you switch to Cassandra. You will drive another two kilometers, so the directions diverge and rejoin after ten kilometers. There are places you will pass through called Nea Phokea, Afitos, Kallithea, Kriopigi, as well as Polychrono. You will also reach the bridge in Potidea, and at thirty-three kilometers from it, after the supermarket called Arvaniditis, and before the bakery Lemoni, you should turn left for the center of Hanioti. This is a brief explanation of the journey from Belgrade or somewhere in Vojvodina to Hanioti / Halkidiki. You will find that you will find your way around relatively easily, and along the way you will meet many of our people who have taken the same path as you. It is only important to arm yourself with patience, because the crowds during the high season are really huge and there are a lot of delays at the border crossings. However, when the highway opens in front of you, you reach your desired destination in a relatively short time.