What Does Your Driving Style Reveal About You?

The driving style you use can reveal a lot about you to a careful observer! When you go for a drive with friends or family in a NEVIAN agency car, they have the opportunity to have a good time watching your driving style. And all this happens until you stop thinking about rent a car Belgrade and Nevian, but about a bunch of business problems and plans.

Tom Vanderbilt, author of the book Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do and What It Says About Us, – Why we drive, How we do it and What it says about us, it says: “Given that many of us may spend more time in traffic than we do eating meals with our family… It seems worth digging a little deeper into that experience.. “

QUIZ: What does your driving style say about you?

Usually, none of us think about how we hold the steering wheel of the car while driving. It is a matter of the subconscious. But precisely because it is not under the control of consciousness, our driving style clearly reflects who we are. Take this test and find out what makes your company so well entertained while you drive them in your own unique style?

See which driving style suits you best and the interpretation for it

1. You are a "perfectionist"


You learned at school to keep your hands at “10 and 2”, so even today you like to do everything the right way. You pay great attention to details and established rules. You are deeply convinced that everything you do deserves to be done absolutely right.

Your perfectionist personality has probably brought you a lot of success in life, even if you don’t realize it. In the field of work, fashion, love and friendship, many would like to be like you, despite the fact that they think you are a little too much in your pursuit of perfection.

2. You are "phlegmatic"


You are the personification of casualness, relaxation and restraint. You just don’t want to take anything in life too seriously. In all situations, you seem composed and calm. Even in difficult moments, you radiate peace and confidence.

You are often so indifferent that you look like you don’t really care about the whole world and your surroundings. Live every day as if it were the first day of rest. Friends and family adore you, because with you they relax to the max and recharge their batteries to the max!

3. You are a "minimalist"


You like to live simply, so your driving style is in line with that. In everything, you concentrate only on what you consider really important. Living simply doesn’t mean you’re boring. On the contrary, people admire your life without fuss and drama! Instead of a bunch of friends, you surround yourself with only a few who are very close to you.

Your friends adore you because of your exceptional ability to always see the essence in everything and to easily discard everything superfluous and irrelevant. You don’t tolerate complications and deception, so you are the ideal company for anyone who is overwhelmed by everyday hustle and bustle.

4. You are an "adventurer"


You are a risk taker through and through! Your driving style sticks to the seats. Not only do you live on the razor’s edge, but you make the most of life at every available moment. In love, you are not afraid of any challenge.

You love extreme sports and exciting activities of any kind. Friends are not very understanding of such a lifestyle, but your temperament and motto “live-full-to-the-board” attract them like a magnet and fill them with sincere admiration and respect.

5. You are a "warlord"


You are a born leader and military leader. You keep everything firmly under control and leave nothing to chance. You have an innate talent for taking risks and managing situations in a clear and decisive manner. Many people turn to you for guidance and advice. Everyone sincerely trusts you, because you are extremely self-confident and confident in your abilities. At work, you often receive praise for proven leadership.

In love, you are looking for someone who will accompany you and complement your “Type A”. You are sure that you will succeed in this too, and that this person will be worthy of your waiting. No doubt, it will happen quickly, because your personality and driving force cannot escape the gaze of the opposite sex.

6. You are a "protector"


People really love you! You are a great support to everyone, especially friends and family. You rejoice when others find happiness and success. Always try to be there for them with your selfless support.

You are a great listener, so you are a favorite target for anyone who needs support or advice. You are happy to let people take the lead while you keep a close eye on them as you enjoy your protective lifestyle.

7. You are a "peacemaker"


You are “Switzerland” for friends and family. You never engage in arguments. If you ever raised your voice, your loved ones would be genuinely surprised. Your driving style sometimes irritates nervous road users, but it doesn’t excite you, because you perceive every conflict as something extremely unreasonable.

You have no understanding or tolerance for arguments between people. Whenever you have the opportunity, you activate your abilities to resolve the conflict on the spot and establish peace in an emergency procedure!

8. You are an "entertainer with style"


You are an incorrigible prankster, merrymaker and a stylish hanger-on. There is no situation in which you do not see some grain of humor. This makes you extremely entertaining and popular in any company. You love to live in your own wiggly and slightly “twisted” way.

Your creative mind throws you into various artistic and similar endeavors. You have a lightning-fast sense of humor that doesn’t allow anyone to stand up to you, because you blow everyone away like dust at the very attempt!

9. You are a "potential workaholic"


Always double and triple check to make sure everything is in order. You often struggle with anxiety, so you try to suppress it with constant work. In doing so, you look to do only those things that you are sure will succeed.

Your friends and family encourage you to come out of that shell that constricts you. Then you can be quite nervous, because you can’t get out of your own skin. However, you keep it all under control, so people see you as a diligent and meticulous person worthy of respect!

10. You are a "bulldozer"


Watch out people, “Bulldozer” is coming! You are a person who solves everything quickly. You have no understanding or time for empty divans and arguments. Instead of fruitlessly brainstorming to find the “best” solutions, you immediately plow through all the obstacles or throw them into the dust.

People admire your efficiency and determination. Your friends appreciate you because they can rely on you to get things done quickly. You focus only on the goal and the action that leads directly to the goal. Such an approach to time and energy takes you far on your life’s journey!

Note: The text is our version inspired by the original and is just for fun.
Original: Driving style personality quiz , by Phil Mutz
Images: LittleThings / Maya Borenstein


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