We are pleased to inform you that new Fiat Panda hybrid models have arrived in our fleet. The Fiat Panda model is well known both in our market and in Europe. The second generation model was awarded the flattering title of Car of the Year in Europe in 2004. It belongs to one of the two most popular models of the manufacturer from Turin, so great importance has always been attached to the production of this model. It belongs to the segment of small city cars and as such is an ideal car for Belgrade crowds. Due to its very transparent cabin and rounded body lines, it is easy to drive, so this model is also among the favorite models for beginners. In addition to transparency, they are characterized by an enviable level of comfort and low consumption.

Hybrid drive

Our new Fiat Pandas have a hybrid drive, which means that the primary unit has a gasoline engine, and the help and assistance is provided by a smaller electric motor so that the car achieves lower consumption, better performance, but also so that it pollutes already polluted urban environments less. According to some estimates, the new Fiat Panda hybrid pollutes less than 15% and even up to 30%, which is the first step of the Italian giant in the electrification of its production. In addition to the engine modification, the Fiat Panda has undergone a slight restyling so that the car looks fresher compared to its older brother. The car is very lively and offers a lot of space in the cabin even for adults and tall people, because with its height it belongs to the higher cars in its segment.

When it comes to the data and performance of the hybrid Pandas, they have a 1.0 gasoline unit with three cylinders and electric assistance, and develop a total of 70 horsepower, which is more than enough for the weight of the car, which is just over one ton. The gearbox is manual and quite precise with 6 gears, which makes it very good on the open road because the noise is not great when the car is driven in sixth gear. As a result of all that, the car is very economical and in city conditions its consumption does not exceed 6l per 100km (except in extreme cases). It is 3.67 meters long, 1.66 meters wide, and 1.64 meters high, so it leaves a lot of space even for tall passengers. The trunk is one of the largest in its class and has a volume of 230 l, and due to its proper shape, it can also accommodate larger suitcases.

Rent a car agency Nevian will continue to try to follow world trends and to adapt its fleet to the needs of end users and to raise awareness about the pollution of the planet itself. We will continue to strive to always have a new fleet of vehicles that meet all environmental standards in order to make our planet a better place to live, and provide the end user with greater comfort and minimal fuel costs. Fiat Panda hybrid is only the first in a series of acquisitions of vehicles with a hybrid drive and it will certainly not be the only acquisition of vehicles with this type of drive, but we will strive to make it standard and thus become the first rent a car agency in Serbia that has all ecological vehicles with hybrid or electric drive.


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