Terms of use and general provisions of NEVIAN Rent a car Belgrade agency for car rental in Belgrade

Prezent International doo (from now on referred to as the Lessor) rents a vehicle to the Lessee (from now on referred to as the Lessee), whose details are on the first page of the Vehicle Rental Agreement, under the following conditions:


Article 1. By signing, the Lessee agrees to this Agreement and undertakes:

  • to accept the prices and other rental conditions specified in the valid price list as an integral part of this contract;
  • receives the vehicle in good condition with all associated accessories, documents on the vehicle as well as additional equipment and accessories specified in the contract;
  • to return the rented vehicle to the place and within the period established by this Agreement or earlier at the request of the Lessor;
  • that for the extension of the agreed rental period, as well as all other changes in the rental, request consent from the Lessor, exclusively in writing, before the end of the agreed term for returning the vehicle, otherwise the Lessor is authorized to report the disappearance of the leased vehicle;
  • in the case of the need to extend the lease, a new contract will be signed after the Lessee settles all obligations under the previously concluded contract;
  • the rented vehicle does not cross the state border without the Lessor’s consent;
  • stop driving immediately if the odometer breaks down during use and notify the Lessor of the odometer failure as soon as possible;
  • pay the Lessor the amount of expenses of 500 kilometers for each day of vehicle use, if, when returning the vehicle, it is found that the odometer is damaged;
  • the rented vehicle is not used under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for illegal purposes, for driver training, for transporting passengers or goods with compensation, transporting or towing other vehicles, trailers or their parts, for participating in motor sports events.
  • does not leave the vehicle in case of breakdown until it has been secured for collection by the Lessor,
  • properly maintain and store the vehicle during use, use it only for own needs and do not rent or lend it to a third party;
  • the vehicle is driven by himself or by a person authorized by the Lessor in the Lease Agreement as another driver;
  • do not load the vehicle with persons or objects beyond the permitted carrying capacity;
  • without the written consent of the Lessor, they will not make any changes to parts, assemblies, devices or in any way the external appearance of the vehicle;
  • that they will immediately and without delay inform the Lessor if ANY warning light comes on on the control display or on-board computer in the vehicle, in order to intervene on the vehicle.

*** THE LESSOR strictly observes the service intervals of the vehicle manufacturer. Failure to comply with them causes the loss of the warranty on the vehicle.

Article 2. In the event that the Lessee does not comply with the conditions from Article 1. undertakes to compensate the Lessor for any and all damages that would result from this, the amount of which is determined by the Lessor.

Article 3. The lessee is obliged to deposit all necessary documents and documents at the conclusion of the Agreement, a valid driver’s license, identity card or passport.

Article 4. The lessee is obliged to bear the costs of used fuel, fines and traffic violations that occurred due to improper use of the vehicle, including fines for illegal parking that occurred during the duration of the rental agreement.

Article 5. The Lessee is obliged to pay the deposit as well as the agreed amount of rental costs before taking over the vehicle. The deposit and rental costs can be paid via pre-authorization with one of the payment cards (Visa, Master, Maestro, Dina), cash or payment to the account (legal entities).
The reserved amount will not be available to the Lessee during the lease period. The amount of the reserved amount depends on the brand of the rented vehicle, the coverage package and the duration of the rental. In the event that the vehicle is damaged during the rental, the deposit is retained until the amount of the damage is determined, no later than 30 days. If there is no damage to the vehicle, after settling all rental costs, the deposit will be returned to the Lessee immediately after returning the vehicle if I deposit it in cash, or within a maximum of 15 working days if it is deposited via pre-invoice or pre-authorization from one of the payment cards.

Article 6. When using the rented vehicle, the Lessee is, in accordance with applicable laws and insurance rules, insured for legal liability for damages to third parties.


Article 7. All damages incurred during the rental on the rented vehicle in the event of a traffic accident and outside of a traffic accident (e.g. in the parking lot), as well as damages caused by theft-disappearance of the vehicle, are compensated by the Lessee, depending on the contracted coverage package, the amount of participation in the damage for the contracted package.

  • The BASIC (basic) coverage package is mandatory and included in the vehicle rental price.
  • By contracting, paying extra for the MEDIUM coverage package, the Tenant reduces the financial risk, participates in the damage.
  • By contracting, paying extra for the TOTAL coverage package, the Lessee is completely released from the financial risk, participating in the damage.

The prescribed amount of participation in damage for BASIC and MEDIUM coverage packages is also the maximum amount of participation in damage, which the Lessee compensates in a traffic accident and outside of a traffic accident (eg in the parking lot), as well as damages caused by theft-disappearance of the vehicle. The agreed, as well as the maximum Amount of participation in damage for BASIC and MEDIUM coverage is stated on the first page of the Rental Agreement.
Regardless of the contracted coverage package BASIC, MEDIUM or TOTAL, all damages to the vehicle during the rental, caused in a traffic accident or outside of a traffic accident (e.g. in the parking lot), as well as theft-disappearance of the vehicle, the Lessee must report to the competent police authority immediately at the place where the accident, damage or theft-disappearance occurred, provide a police report with a breathalyzer test, notify the Lessor, fill out a separate report on the accident, damage, as well as a statement on the theft-loss of the vehicle at the Lessor’s office.

If the traffic accident, damage and theft-disappearance of the vehicle is not reported to the Police, the Lessee pays the full amount of the damage, including the lost profit in the amount of the daily rent due to the non-use of the vehicle for the duration of the repair, up to a maximum of 30 days, regardless of whether BASIC, MEDIUM is contracted or TOTAL coverage package.

Article 8. The lessee is fully responsible for:

  • damages caused by vehicle theft if the vehicle was not locked at the time of theft and the keys and/or documents were left in the vehicle
  • damage to the vehicle caused by him or the driver authorized by him (other driver) under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • then damage caused intentionally or due to gross negligence in driving or if the driver did not have a valid driver’s license at the time of the damage and theft if the vehicle was not locked at the time of the theft.
  • damage caused to the interior of the vehicle, damage caused to the chassis of the vehicle from the bottom, broken and/or lost key, damage caused by refueling with the wrong type of fuel and for damage caused by the user’s deliberate or careless actions.

All listed damages will be charged in full from the Lessee at the latest when the vehicle is returned.

Article 9. The lessee undertakes to:

  • in the event of an accident, protect the interests of the Lessor and its Insurance Company by recording the names and addresses of participants and witnesses of the accident and not leaving the damaged vehicle until it has been removed from the accident site and secured;
  • if there is major damage to the vehicle, or if there are injured persons in the accident, (even when the fault of other persons is obvious) immediately call and wait for the arrival of the police and ambulance and submit a written report about the accident to the nearest office of the Lessor.

Article 10. If the Lessee fails to fulfill all the conditions specified in Article 10 and 11 of this contract in the event of an accident, he will be responsible for all the consequences and damages that the Lessor would suffer from that failure.

Final regulations

Article 11. The Lessor will not compensate the Lessee for the loss or damage of personal luggage and goods that are 2 / on the rented vehicle.

Article 12. Any changes to this agreement are valid only if confirmed in writing by both parties.

Article 13. If the Lessee pays the expenses with a credit card, by his signature on the original contract, he authorizes the Lessor to invoice the total rental expenses to the credit club or bank that issued the credit card.

Article 14. In the event of a dispute arising from this contract, the parties agree to the jurisdiction of the court in Belgrade.

Article 15. All prices in the Lessor’s price lists are expressed in EUR. The calculation for pre-authorization and payment is done at the middle exchange rate of the NBS in dinar equivalents.

Article 16. The contract is drawn up in 2 copies, one for both contracting parties and represents the free expressed will of the contracting parties, so they accept and sign it as such.